Groove on the Wireless 11 [Athena]

GrooveOnTheWireless11   Athena – Dr. Groove finds himself in Athens looking out at a ventilation shaft and wondering to himself all sorts of things [ as one does when you find yourself in hotel rooms on your own ] but the show goes on.  The Greeks are a nation of poets and the poetry is in the streets daubed on the walls —

Capitalism is Killing you   &

We are the first drops of the coming Storm.




  • Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
  • Sigur Ros & Mogwai – Zamsu (rare demo)
  • Billy Cobham – A funky kind of thing
  • Four Tet – Sing [Mosca remix]
  • People’s Choice – Do it anyway you want
  • Miles Davis – Shhh / Peaceful
  • Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing