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    This article was written on 14 Aug 2015, and is filled under Dance, Deep House, Eclectic, Electro House, Electronic, French, Hip Hop, Indie, Radioactive, Rock, Soul, Space Rock, Space Rock.

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    Groove On The Wireless #120


    The Doctor is enjoying and returning to sounds that he heard a while ago – like twenty years ago – but he builds up to that Spacemen 3 track by playing good music, old hip-hop, and old SOMA and new remixes, and a bit of french techno from Ludius, and the greatly titled Youdanddewan, finally building up till we get to Spacemen 3.

    Also look out for the new theme tune which is lifted from Beirut’s first album, shamelessly  lifted.

    Ladies and Gentlemen – Spacemen 3



    • 02.00 Theme from Kung Fu
    •  02.45  DJ Punk-Roc – Rockin’ it (Roc-Raida Rockin’ it Rockin it remix)
    • 05.57 Modeselktor Feat. Puppet Masterz – Darkside of the Sun
    • 09.40 Erykah Badu & Stephen Marley -In love with you
    • 14.54 20:20 Vision 0 Further Rememberance [20:20 Livestyle mix]
    • 20.30 Dino Lenny & Doorly – The Magic Room [The Deepshakerz Remix]
    • 29.40 Guts – And The Living Is Easy
    • 34.40 Youanddewan – 93
    • 39.40 Ludius – Change Shuffle – from the Birth EP –
    • 45.59 Kink – Pocket Piano
    • 54.55 Spacemen 3 – Ode to Street Hassel
    • 59.28 Double Dee & Steinski – The Airwaves Are Sacred

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