Groove On The Wireless 140

Nietzsche called it the ‘day of eternal return’ whereas the North Americans called it groundhog day, but you know what the Dr. is driving at.  We do not need to go into it, not much chat, the election has the Dr. foul tempered and foul mouthed. So let’s take solace in the music which is great journey for one hour, put on them headphones and let’s go.

Kamasi Mike
Kamasi Mike


  • RJD2 – Silver Fox
  • Ghost face Killah – Daytona 500
  • Marijata – I walk alone
  • Golden Teacher – Maladroit
  • Susumu Yakota – Kirakiraboshi
  • Lakker – Pylon
  • Mogwai – The Lord is Out of Control [Nils Frahm Remix]
  • Kamasi Washington – Claire De Lune
  • Robyn & La Bagatelle – Love is Free (feat. Maluca)[Mr. Tophat’s HPNOTIQ-House Remix]
  • Bon Voyage – La Piste Chinoise

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