Groove On The Wireless #26 Sick Am I, Blue

GrooveOnTheWireless#26  Doctor Groove is laid low with a lurgy which keeps his chatter down to a minimum as he lies in his bed and provokes his cat into meowing for entertainment.  Musically this is as much a surprise to his sick head as it will be to yours, taking as it does the inspiration of  some arabic commentary about an amazing Lionel Messi goal scored in the Nou Camp on Tuesday night.

Track List                               

  • Lionel Messi Goal no. 1 Barca V. AC Milan Nou Camp 11.03.1352nd Street
  • Cesare Mariano & Cia – Futebol De bar [Heavy Usker Remix]
  • Four Tet – Sing [Mosca Remix]
  • Dr. John – Zu Zu Mamou
  • Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
  • Utah Phillips introduces AND sings Talking N.P.R. Blues
  • [[Billie Holiday]] – Am I Blue
  • The Roots Ft. Monster of Folk – Dear God 2.0 (Zed’s Dead remix)
  • American Splendor Film – Revenge of the Nerds sample
  • Rodriguez – Street Boy
  • Portico Quartet – Ruins
  • Lou Rhodes – One Good Thing (The Cinematic Orchestra’s New York Quartet Version)
  • Elliott Smith – Needle in the Hay