Groove On The Wireless # 29 Beautiful Days

GrooveOnTheWireless29  Good days come about, and we should decide to smile and enjoy them in our stride, so with both Thatcher and Croke Park II being buried, the Doctor’s decided this has been a good week.  Democracy still works at a Trade Union level which  means that workers reject the idea of paying another €3billon into the sinkhole of mixed up debt that bankers, politicians, and developers brought upon us.   Thatcher was the figure head for those policies and it was fitting that the day after the rejection of Croke Park, she was buried.

So aside from that – music from all genres for you to enjoy and stick in your head.  Keep fighting the good fight.  Life is about much more than the selfish pursuit of profits and power.  Dancing in the streets, for one.


Track List                                                                                           

  • Wicked Witch – Wizzard of Oz (OST)
  • Laidback – Beautiful Day (Banzai Republic & Trentmoeller Remix)
  • Eluvium – Zerthis Was A Shivering Human
  • Queen Kong – So Brand New 1 (The Leech)
  • Ben Zel vs. Cass Love Vs. Chance The Rapper – Semi-detached 1.1
  • Devandra Barnhart – Now That I Know
  • Nicholas Jaar – Marks
  • High On Fire – Divulution
  • xxxy – Taking Me Higher