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    This article was written on 14 Dec 2018, and is filled under Alternative, Dance, Disco, dub techno, Eclectic, Electronic.

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    Groove On The Wireless #48 The Boney King Of Nowhere on Parnell St.

    Thom Yorke On Parnell St.

    Another show, we edge closer to the big half century.  I was eating Vietnamese food in Parnell street when I spotted Thom Yorke  on the far side of the street in Neary’s.  I popped over for a chat.  Unfortunately, much as I admire him he wasn’t very chatty.  I think he’s one of the good guys – much inspired by Reclaim the Streets, as Dr. Groove was, so we have that in common.  He is not a man with messianic tendencies unlike Dr. Groove.

     The faces of the Prophets are pasted on the walls of derelict streets of this city.


    On with the music – we  start with what I call the coffee scene from Breaking Bad, and then onto the good music, with a slice of Radio Head from, can you believe it, 10 years ago.  Then we go into a riddim which brings us into hip house, (categorization is a problem for me) and on through old school Techno, new drum machine patterns and finally coming out the other end with Synkro’s handiwork and an impressive new Irish producer, Lasertom.  Enjoy people, and don’t take any guff for the swine.


    Track List

      • Ian Simmonds – Kon1 (Krause Duo Remix)
      • Do Make Say Think – It’s Gonna Rain
      • Radio Head – There There (The Boney King of Nowhere)
      • Dre Skull – Loudspeaker Riddim
      • MSTRKRFT feat. NORE – Bounce (A-Trak Remix)
      • Surgeon – Magneze
      • Factory Floor – Work Out
      • Robots Don’t Sleep/[via XLR8R]  – So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix)
      • Machinedrum – Gunshotta
      • Lasertom – [via XLR8R]  Maelstrom


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