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    This article was written on 14 Dec 2018, and is filled under 1950s, Drum and Bass, Dub, dub techno, Eclectic, Electronic, Exotica, Hip Hop, New Music.

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    Groove On The Wireless # 50 F>E>A>R> FreeExpressionAsRevolution


    Bert the turtle – and Joe McCarthy – 50 sees the Doctor compare it to 1950 and dark days of fear and reds under the bed it was.  Pity we don’t have more reds as the budget fell on our heads again like a bomb,  shoulder more of the burden whilst the casino capitalists cruise around the city in Mercedes to begin their speculations again.

    Musically we go from Hip hop to FEAR to jungle to strange weird and wonderful.   Artwork by an artist spotted in Third Space – Smithfield.

    Track List

    • Nightmares On Wax Featuring Corrina Joseph – Play On
    • Public Enemy –  Contract on the World Love Jam [Instrumental]
    • Shaggy – John Doe
    • Ian Brown – F.E.A.R. (UNKLE Mix)
    • Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Om Unit Rollers VIP)
    • Squarepusher – Plainstow Flex Out
    • Isaac Hayes – Black Moses (Radio Ad)
    • Atoms for Peace – Dropped
    • The Jesus and Mary Chain – [Creation Records_ International Guardians of Rock & Roll 1983-1999] Crackin’ Up
    • Wilmoth Houdini –  He Had It Coming
    • John Cooper Clarke – I Wanna Be Yours
    • Susumu Yokota – Uchu Tanjyo
    • John Grant – GMF



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