Whatever You’re Havin’ #18 – songs for Slim

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0018 – songs for Slim

Not Yet/Ain't No Fair (In a Rock 'n' Roll Affair) – Slim Dunlap
Love You in the Fall – Paul Westerberg
Something's Wrong – Tommy Stinson
Alex Chilton – The Replacements
Kids Don't Follow – The Replacements
Shiftless When Idle – The Replacements
Color Me Impressed – The Replacements
I'm in Trouble – The Replacements
You've Had It With You – Paul Westerberg
Never Aim to Please – Bash & Pop
As Far As I Know – Paul Westerberg
Times Like This – Slim Dunlap
Sadly Beautiful – The Replacements
Crackle and Drag – Paul Westerberg
Skyway – The Replacements
Vampires and Failures – Grandpaboy
Only Lie Worth Telling – Grandpaboy
Unsatisfied – The Replacements
Angels Walk – Paul Westerberg
Partners in Crime – Slim Dunlap