Whatever You’re Havin’ #29 – art is just a job

Whatever You’re Havin’ 0029 – art is just a job

Born Toulouse-Lautrec - New Bomb Turks
Pretty Lightning - New Bomb Turks
Memphis Creep - The Oblivians
You Made Me Love You - Livids
Big Fuckin' Party pt. 1 - The Devil Dogs
Tail Crush - New Bomb Turks
Automatic Teller - New Bomb Turks
Gold Eldorado - Didjits
Cheetah Eyes - Clone Defects
Stop Bleeding - Livids
Don't Bug Me I'm Nutty - New Bomb Turks
Button Nose - A-Bones
Mashi - The Mummies
Girl From '62 - Thee Headcoats
She Said Yeah - Rip Offs
Mr. Suit - New Bomb Turks
Barely Homosapien - The Hives
Your House Or The Courthouse - Livids
T.A.S. - New Bomb Turks
New Values - Livids
Sympathy Trip - Candy Snatchers
American Soul Spiders - New Bomb Turks
I GOt Worms - Archie & the Pukes
Zilch - Livids
End Of The Great Credibility Race - New Bomb Turks
Throw That Girl Away - Dwarves
Midnight Stains - Livids
Look Alive Jive - New Bomb Turks
Tattooed Appathetic Boys - New Bomb Turks