AvanT Reguard Presents Show 17 Monikered – A Terrible Romantic Beauty in Losing Yourself

Tracklisting includes in no particular order:

Kwerk – Lost Jingle

Gordon is a Mime – Crackerass

Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia

Eastenders Theme Tune – Retreated for Good

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Panic in Babylon

CCIC – C Lamb

kwerk – Broken Body

erkki kurrenimi – Sähkösoittimen Ääniä #4 (1971, 2-36)

AWOTT – Skock Vkroog St. Artemy

Tom Recchion


AvanT Reguard – A Terrible Beauty in Losing Yourself

Boards of Canada – Cold Earth

D Mc – The days of P S – Remixed

TC – Not tellin ya

Many Many Chopped up Treated and Recontextualised Film Samples

Image – 16mm Still – Avant Reguard, 2013

This is a repeat show from august of 2014. Since moving to London I have been struggling to get my shows together

but will be back fresh and ready to go for 2015. This show actually has a strong London theme so kind of appropriate now that im based there.

Enjoy the holidays my 13 listeners , Avant Reguardxxx