Rebel Radio #3


Toxik Ephex – Police Brutality

Bombscare – Dissent

Septic Psychos – More Beer

Chaos UK – Killa On Da Loose (Thin Lizzy)

Gobsmakt – Gobsmakt

Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets

GBH – Cadilac One

Drongos For Europe – Let Go

The Voids – Money And Music

Uproar – No War No More

Death Sentence – Live To Die

Homebrew – Same Old Story

Skarpretter – Outsider

Sydney Ducks – He Lives For Today

Rust – Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock N Roll

Striknien DC – Crassified

Total Bloody Chaos – Police Brutality

Exit The Network – Run

Hooligan – No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs

Penetration – Dont Dictate

The Reverends – Give It Up Son

Chumbawamba – The Day The Country Died