Rebel Radio #5

The Feckin Eejits – The Picket Song

Assert – United Colours

Blue Babies – Drunken Church

Combat Shock – Is There A Future? (Omega Tribe)

Tower Blocks – General Boredom

Suicide Bid – The Rot Stops Here

Stress – Stand Clear

Defiance – Hands Of The Few

Dirty Revolution – Empty Houses

Dogshit Sandwich – Royal Sponger

The Wernt – Pig Dog Killer

Sick 56 – Violence

Evil Conduct – All For One

Down To Kill – Rise Up

Ex Cathedra – Truth In Flight

The Fits – Tears Of A Nation

Corrosive Machine – Black And Blue

Fleas And Lice – Insane

Anti Pasti – No Government

Body Count – Cop Killer