Cultural Diabetes Number 14

Welcome to Cultural Diabetes Number 14, this weeks noises are as follows…

Dr. Know – Stop the machines

Haymarket – Revolution Verte

Teen Idles – Dead Hand

White Cross – I’m not listening

Born Dead – Years of Death

Slaughter and the Dogs – Cranked up really high

Angry Samoans – I’m a pig

Mind Eraser – Abuse excuse

Mau-Maus – Give us a future

The Scam – All by myself

TDK – Hijo

Debaser – Rich white boys

Judgement – No reason why

Onionbreath – It

Stomach – Redemption

Excuses – General election

Media Disease – Beyond help

Melvins – Set me straight

Bauhaus – The man with the x-ray eyes


Enjoy! – B.A and Heather


Cultural Diabetes
Playing music really like which consists of Punk, Crust, Hardcore, Anarcho-punk,Ska and Eclectic Hosted by Heather and B.A Any requests, suggestions welcome