Groove On The Wireless 100

We reach the milestone of 100 shows, but no fanfare, no trumpets, no pyrotechnics, just another show from the Doctor, filling out his script of good tunes for you all, prescribing good music, and not talking/ranting too much.  He’s been warned against that and it was the reason behind doing a show that concentrated on delivering good music into your head at regular intervals, and so we reach 100.

It’s been a pleasure to put them together and heres to the next 100.

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  • Clams Casino – Always Have a Choice [Havoc]
  • Boards of Canada – Kid for Today
  • Sigur Ros with Mogwai Split 7’/Zamsu(rare demo)
  • The Field – Kappsta
  • Robert Wyatt – Raining in My Heart
  • Radiohead – Fitter Happier
  • Bowie – Suffragette City
  • The House of Love – Destroy the Heart
  • Depeche Mode – Personal jesus (boys noize rework)
  • M83 – Run into Flowers
  • Old Apparatus –  Moon
  • Run the Jewels – Angel Duster
  • John Martyn – Solid Air

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