Groove On The Wireless # 107 Big Love for Grangegorman

What is going on in the Grangegorman complex [squat]  – is special it should serve as an inspiration to all.  It is an example of how to turn the world upside down when the one we live in is all favor of property and robber barons, and  it fails to deliver for people.  In that case you need to turn the world upside down so that it delivers for peoples desires, hopes, and unleashed a re-imagining for how we live.

This show is for the collective who’ve shown an alternate future for this city.

Dr. Groove.



  • Illdependents – For What Died ?
  • Fatima  Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do
  • Gravediggaz – The Night the Earth Cried
  • Holly Hendron – Home
  • Don Cherry – Utopia and Visions
  • DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Pt. 1 (MCDE, Bassline Dub)
  • Clark  – There’s a Distance in You
  • East India Youth – Heaven, How Long
  • The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle remix)
  • Nicolette – No Government

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