Groove On The Wireless #37 So it Goes


The above pictures were taken by Robert Capa back in 1939 for the Tour De France, a group consisting mostly of boys gather outside a bicycle shop in Brittany – where the owner is the the race.   Dr. Groove hurriedly put this show together and had hoped to bring it to you last week, but the time slipped away.  So it goes, much like the race, you wait for it to arrive and it flies by.  A fleeting moment.  Anticipation is the greater part, and then gone.

This past week has felt like we are in France, and I’ve been tuned into the race and share the same enthusiasm as these boys did 74 summers ago.  Summers like this one you wait for, and then it goes, and you remember it as special for a long long time.  Like the moment the race passes you by.  So it goes.


Track List

  • melodiesinfonine – J A $ $ pt. 2
  • Branford Marsalis Quartet Feat. Terence Blanchard – Mo’ Better Blues
  • Orphx – Cut Through
  • Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love For Planet Earth
  • Master Ace Feat. Stricklin – Unfriendly Game [ The Wire]
  • Skeng (Acapella – from Killah P and Flowdan)
  • The Bug – Skeng Feat. Killah P & Flowdan
  • Jame Holden – Inter-City 125
  • Anette Party Feat. Anita Coke – Morena
  • The XX – Swept Away
  • The Politicians – Close your big mouth