Groove On The Wireless #40

Planes & Boats & Trains

Dr. Groove has a theory about what they soundtrack is to people bombed on tranquilizers and  in show 40, thats right four oh, he reveals it.

We bemoans emigration, includes a sample from a seminal film for him growing up, hit it, and away we go on planes boats trains, whatever you can get your hands on.  The other strange thing that happens in this show is that the Doctor plays a single that was just released and appears popular, i.e. massively popular which is not how this show goes.

Welcome to Groove on the wireless, it’s dark and we are wearing sunglasses.  Hit it.

Track List

  • Blues Brothers – Sample – It’s 106 miles to Chicago
  • Elijah & The Ebonites –  Pure Soul
  • Global Communications – 0.54
  • Laurel Halo – Nerve
  • Wally Stott Orchestra – Planes and Boats and Trains
  • Jinx Lennon – You are the Vaccine
  • MMOTHS – Folding
  • The XX – Fiction (Druid Cloak Blood Magick Remix) Free Download
  • Monolake – Stratosphere (Edit)
  • Dj Rupture & Andy moor – jimmy Rodgers
  • Natasha Kmeto –  Brushstrokes
  • John Newman – Love me again
  • Christy Moore – Get Lucky (snippet)
  • Simon Bird – of Witch Hunts and Water Sports



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