Groove On The Wireless #53

Dr. Groove was trying to get ahead of himself, and was recording this at home with his mother a full week ahead of this broadcast.  Therefore we have a full review of the late late proceedings as she vaguely remembers the inane guests.  In the midst of all this we assemble a radio program which tries to get across the message that ‘its alright’ to our disenchanted listeners, we have good music, we have each other, and one day we’ll have the glorious poetry of revolution which will be written by us.  Get busy scribbling some lines now…

Track List

  • The Impressions –  It’s Alright
  • Olaf Stuut – Suty – via XLR8R
  • The Winners – Get Ready for the Future (from The Loft)
  • Todd Terje – Ragysh
  • Blondes – Lover
  • Christy Moore – Get Lucky
  • Rodriguez – Silver Words?
  • The KLF – Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my soul
  • Laurel Halo – Joy
  • Deadbeat – Organ in the Attic Sings The Blues
  • Zed Bias – Salsa Funk


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