Groove On The Wireless # 61

Dr. Groove is back with a bipp and a black skinhead and a Bridge that he get’s over and invites you to meet his phantoms a song for Zula which appears to take place mostly in the desert  and he invites you  What does any of this mean?  Good music, that is all.  Welcome to 2014 and hope its good to you all.


Track List

  • Philip Glass – From Egypt
  • Aphex Twin – Goon Gumpas
  • Bill Callahan – Small Plane
  • Meet My Phantoms – Cobre (one of my fav. tracks of the year) 
  • Rjd2 – Exotic Talk
  • Brainticket – The Space between
  • Kanye West – Black Skinhead
  • Sophie – Bipp
  • Kutz – The Bridge
  • Martin Brodin – Badabing (Diskjokke Remix)
  • Phosphorescence –  Song For Zula
  • Daniel Avery – Platform Zero

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