Gil Scott Heron - Dublin street Art

Groove On The Wireless #74

Funny how we got to show # 74, and it coincides with the day that we’re supposed to go down and exercise our democratic right.  There are many issues with the interpretation of a great idea like democracy into what it currently resembles.  The matter is dealt with in much greater detail here – but my man, Gil Scott Heron addressed some of them in B movie which features on this show.  The X factor smiling leering faces with platitudes for slogans like ‘Keeping it real’ are really incongruous with the principles of democracy.  The people were working that out a long time ago, and in 1980 Reagan got elected with 26% of the vote – listen to B Movie.

But in 74 – Richard Nixon resigned after Watergate.   Dr. Groove doesn’t care who you vote for, but if you’re political life is confined to scratching a scrap of paper every 4/5 years, then is it any wonder we have such a ‘right shower’ running the place in the interests of the few.

Gil Scott Heron - Dublin street Art

Track List

  • Simple Minds – Theme for Great Cities
  • Ednah Holt – Serious, Sirius Space Party (Club Mix)
  • The The – This is the Day
  • Sosuma Yakota – Tobiume
  • The JB’s – You can have your Watergate
  • Gil Scott Heron – “B” Movie
  • House of Funk – Afrique
  • Kiki – Run with Me
  • Blake Baxter – Where is the Love – from the Album True People – a detroit compilation

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