Groove On The Wireless #76 Cold night falls in D7

Night Falls in D7 and Dr. Groove and his stylish cat, Pancho find themselves in the spare room, box room, office, Groovetown studios, working on the latest radio show.  It’s too cold for June and the music went in a direction of warm places,  Jamaica, Georgia, New Orleans, San Francisco, back to Louisiana,  then New York, and we pop across the Hudson to end up in Hoboken.    All these places are warm in June, one would imagine, but not so for Dr. Groove and Pancho.

I left one place out – Wisconsin – where Bon Iver recorded the second eponymous album – but I bet that is warm too even if the phrase means ‘good winter’.

Hope it heats up – till then enjoy some good music.



Track List

  • Cutty Ranks – Dutty Pack
  • Ray Charles – Ain’t Misbehaving
  • Dr. John – Right Place, Wrong Time
  • Head Hunters [Herbie Hancock] – God Made Me Funky
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Inner City Blues
  • Vickie Sue Robinson – Nighttime Fantasy
  • Bon Iver – Wash.
  • Yo Lo Tengo – Night Falls on Hoboken

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