Groove On The Wireless 88

Dr. Groove once started a job on the 8th day of august, in 1988 and was told that 8 was viewed as a lucky number in China.  He did not find that to be the case.  88 – the summer of love – the second summer of love and all of that distracted one from the business of work.

Here is a selection which does not harken back to that time – but continues in the vein of good music.

We have something new product 29 from the Apex Twin and like Dr. Groove he always makes it worth your while to listen




  • Laurie Anderson – Big Science
  • Christian Loffler – Ash & snow
  • God Knows + mynameisjOhn –  Words of our Fathers
  • Bolts – Universe
  • Daniel Avery – These nights go on for ever
  • Clouds – Skeleton Island
  • Iggy Pop – The Passenger
  • Aphex Twin –  produk 29 [101]
  • Tpower – Circle_ Square
  • Tom Browne – Funkin’ for Jamaica

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