Groove On The Wireless # 89

89 – really Dr. wanted to introduce you to the amazing sounds of ill dependents – a hip hop Irish producer that brought out stuff in the late 90’s.  We get him coming in and going out!

Luke Kelly is brilliantly used in For what died the sons of Róisin,

Or the faceless men who for Mark and Dollar,
Betray her to the highest bidder.

This struck Dr. Groove as particularly apt when you see water being privatized in a land that floods every winter.

Luke Kelly asks the question – whom do we owe our allegiance today?  Good feckin’ question.  Ever get the feeling you been cheated!



  • Seekae – Boys
  • Illdependents – What went right audio mix
  • Illdependents – Intro 97 mix2down
  • illdependents – Innacitytears
  • Two Lone Swordsmen – Two Barb Quickstep
  • Fripp & Eno – Evening Star
  • Machinedrum – Rise N Fall
  • Graze – Skip/Crush
  • Ty – Like you Never
  • Saladin – [Hello Skinny remix] taken from The Grip Mixtape on slow foot records
  • Illdependents – For what died
  • Dj Food –  Sunvibes (Attica Blues remix)

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