Groove On The Wireless 90 Infinity

When the Dr and I got to this – no. 90 – the ballroom days come rushing back to our memories.  In McGonagales witnessing some fellows who were fond of strawberry smoke machines, repetitive beats played on massive speakers, take over the place and lose the run of themselves.  Guru Josh, Infinity was not played that night, it was top of the pops – where as this was the real grassroots rave culture in action.

Dali appears here due to me running into him on a rained filled afternoon earlier in the week.



  • Machine Drum – Baby It’s u
  • Moderat – Damage Done
  • CAribou – Our Love
  • Guru Josh – Infinity
  • Moire feat. Bone – Dali House
  • Illdependents – The Shake up  mix down
  • God Knows + mynameisjOhn (Rusangano _ Family, Album)  –  African Shirts
  • Alrmsyrhu Eshete – Eté Hoy
  • Africa Twarag – Guem – Instrumental Purcussion
  • Alexander Tucker – Sitting In A Bardo Pond
  • Various Artists – Acid Arab – Berberian Wedding
  • Spacemen 3 – Revolution

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