Groove On The Wireless 92 – Total Panic

Dr. Groove put this show together with the Government in full-on panic mode – as they give money away to keep their precious new tax in place.  It was a good day but dec. the 10th will be better.




  • Larry Young’s Fuel – Turn off the Lights
  • Soft Machine – Slightly all the Time
  • Ice Cube – It was a Good Day
  • Terry Callier – Occasional Rain
  • [Robert Wyatt] – Anarchronist [Instrumental]
  • Robert Wyatt – Free Will and Testament
  • Bolts – Dustro
  • The xx – Swept Away
  • Mission of Burma – 1001 Pleasant Dreams
  • Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix) (edit)
  • The Smiths – Panic

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