May 5th Crackleton Manor

Apologies from Sir Ernest Crackleton for a later-than-usual selection of vintage recordings (1911-1950) celebrating Blind Willie McTell’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo amongst other things…

Blind Willie McTell

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  • “M’Amour” (excerpt) by Orchestre Tzigane du Restaurant du Rat Mort from “Early Tzigane Records”
  •  “Everything Is Fresh Today” by Jack Hodges from “Silly Songs”
  • “(Reels) The Bunch of Keys – Rakish Paddy – The Bunch of Keys” by Johnny Doran from “The Master Pipers – Vol. I”
  •  “Ngwidika Sadanga Wapamagulu” by Pancras Mkwawa and Anselm P. Mkwawa from “Tanzania Instruments – Tanganyika 1950”
  • “Eres La Mas Consentida” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán from “Mexico’s Pioneer Mariachis – Vol. 3”
  • “Scarey Day Blues” by Blind Willie McTell from “The Classic Years – 1927-1940”
  • “In A Monastery Garden” by Oscar Natzka & chorus with the Albert William Ketèlbey Concert Orchestra from “Sanctuary of the Heat – In a Persian Market – In a Fairy Realm (1917-1939)”
  • “(Drdla’s) Souvenir, (Offenbach’s) Barcarolle, (Dvořák’s) Humoresque” by Bernardo de Pace from “Italian String Virtuosi”
  • “Which Side Are You On?” by The Almanac Singers from “Talking Union”
  • “Talking Atom” by Pete Seeger from “If I Had A Hammer 1944-1950”
  • “The Song of the Dawn” by John Boles from “Movie Musicals – Vol.2 – 1930-1938″
  • “Me Johnny Mitchell Man” by Jerry Byrne from “Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners”
  • “La Servante” by Madame Balduc from “L’Anthologie”
  • “Toll The Bells” by Buell Kazee from “Mountain Frolic – Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-1937”
  • “Celeste Blues” by Meade Lux Lewis from “Boogies & Blues”
  • “Doina (Pt.2)” by S. Kosch from “Klezmer Music – Early Yiddish Instrumental Music – The First Recordings: 1908-1927”
  • “Ma Tehenn Alayya” by Siddiqa El Mullaya from “Give Me Love – Songs Of The Brokenhearted – Baghdad, 1925-1929”
  • “Song of Paradise” by Reginald Foort & Alfredo Campoli from “Whistling in the Dark”
  • “El Petate” by Laurita y Ray from “El nacimiento de la canción ranchera – 1936-1937″
  • “Ahwa (The Beauty of the World)” by Asmahan from “Le cœur a ses raisons – 1935-1944”
  • “Maui Girl” by James Molkeha from “It’s Hotter in Hawaii”
  • “Oakville Twister” by Hoosier Hot Shots from “Everybody Stomp”
  • “Papa Wants a Cookie” by Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell from “Prison Bound Blues”
  • “Panayot Vonka dumashe (Panayot advises Vonka)” by Georgi Atanasov Kehaiov from “Blowers From The Balkans – classic historic recordings of wind instruments”
  • “Karajfil Te Zgjodha” by Kol Matija from “Gay Life in Dikanka – R. Crumb’s Old-Time Favourites”
  • “Strange Enchantment” by Skinnay Ennis from “Halloween Stomp – jazz and big band dance music for a haunted house party!”
  • “Adelfa” by Leonor Amaya from “Carmen Amaya – Grabaciones Discos Pizarra – Año 1948-50”
  • “Good Biscuits” by Memphis Minnie from ”Columbia Original Masters – The Best of … 1933-1937″
  • “Mood Indigo” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra from “Black, Brown and Beige – Original Recordings – Vol.9 – 1943-1945”
  • “(Rimsky-Korsakov’s) Song of India” by Gregor Piatigorsky with Ralph Berkowitz from “Concertos and Encores (1934-1950)”
  • “(Raga Janpuri) Phul Banki” by Faiyyaz Khan from “Classics of the 78rpm Era”
  • “(Thumri) Lage Tum Se Nain” by Narayanrao Vyas from “Vintage Music From India – Early 20th Century Classical And Light Classical Music”
  • “Raga Bhairavi: Matvare Tore” by Bai Sunderabai from “Vintage 78 RPM Records”