Sound Reproductions from 1914-1950 on Crackleton Manor

Sir Ernest Crackleton apologizes yet again for being late with this week’s show, but hopefully you can find forgiveness and enjoy two hours of pre-1951 sound reproductions, including some from Mother Maybelle Carter whose birthday was last Friday.

The Carter Family c.1927 (L-R: Maybelle, A.P. & Sara)

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  • “(Mozart’s) Clarinet Quintet in A major, K. 581: II. Larghetto (arr. for cello)”(excerpt) by Pablo Casals with studio ensemble from “Encores and Transcriptions, Vol. 4: Complete Acoustic Recordings, Part 2 (1916-1920)”
  • “Everything Is Cool” by Babs’ Three Bips And A Bop from “Babs Gonzales – The Chronological Classics – 1947-1949”
  • “No Puedo Dejar De Querete” by Lydia Mendoza from “Vida Mía”
  • “Manés Si Be Mol Smyrnéïkos” by Andonis Dalgas from  “Great Voices of Constantinople 1927-1933″
  • “Жить стало лучше (Life Became Better)” by Song and Dance Ensemble of AV Alexandrov from “Я ДРУГОЙ ТАКОЙ СТРАНЫ НЕ ЗНАЮ – Песни о Сталине, большевиках и социализме (I Know Of No Other Place – Songs about Stalin, The Bolsheviks and socialism)”
  • “Aquarela Do Brasil” by Zacarias e sua Orquestra from “Brazilian Big Bands – Dancing Days- 1904-1954”
  • “Pirata” by Conjunto Gloria Matancera from “Vengo Arrollando – 1937 – 1949”
  • “The Big Noise From Winnetkta” by Bob Haggart & Ray Bauduc from “Hits of ‘38”
  • “Песня о Сталине (Song about Stalin)” by Union Drivers’ Children’s Ensemble from “Я ДРУГОЙ ТАКОЙ СТРАНЫ НЕ ЗНАЮ – Песни о Сталине,,большевиках и социализме (I Know Of No Other Place – Songs about Stalin, The Bolsheviks and socialism)”
  • “Work Song” by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra from “Black, Brown and Beige – Original Recordings – Vol.9 – 1943-1945”
  • “Rockin’ Blues” by Mel Walker with the Johnny Otis Orchestra from “The Chronological Classics – 1950”
  • “Belle-Belle” by Orchestre Créole Delvi from “Au Bal Antillais – Créole Biguines from Martinique”
  • “The Last Fair Deal Gone Down” by Robert Johnson from “Legendary Blues”
  • “Saut Crapaud” by Columbus Fruge from “Anthology Of American Folk Music – Edited By Harry Smith”
  • “The Penguin” by Raymond Scott Quintette from “Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights”
  • “Key To The Highway” by Big Bill Broonzy from “Juke Joint Blues”
  • “Black Cat Blues” by Old Pal Smoke Shop Four from “A Richer Tradition – Country Blues and String Band Music 1923-1942”
  • “Raggin’ The Blues” by William Moore from “Paramount Masters”
  • “Any Old Time” by Jimmie Rodgers from “Famous Country Music Makers”
  • “In Elawazel” by Mohamed Ibn Faris from “La Musique de Bahreïn”
  • “青空 (My Blue Heaven)” by Teiichi Futamura from “青春歌年鑑<戦前編>(1) 昭和3年~8年(1928年~33年)”
  • “Sand Gone in my Cuckoo Eye” by Ferderick McQueen and group from “Deep River Of Song: Bahamas 1935 – Ring Games And Round Dances”
  • “Bing Crosby” by The Lion with Sa Gomes Rhythm Boys from “Roosevelt in Trinidad  – Calypsos of Events, Places and Personalities – 1933-1939”
  • “Hilo March” by Roy Smeck from “It’s Hotter In Hawaii”
  • “El cant dels ocells” Cobla La Principal de Perelada from “Cobles Catalanes – Enregistrements 78 tours (1920-1930)”
  • “Cèlu Mankan” by Groupe de Jeunes Filles de Bamako from “Opika Pende – Africa at 78 RPM”
  • “Kös, küm Var” by Koro Heyeti from “Turkish Tradition – Masterpieces Of Turkish Musical Culture”
  • “John Henry” by John Lee Hooker from “Jack O’ Diamonds – 1949 Recordings”
  • “John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man” by The Carter Family from “1927 – 1934”
  • “Little Cabin On The Hill” by Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys from “All The Classic Releases 1937-1949“
  • “Mean & Wicked Boogie” by Maddox Brothers & Rose from “That’ll Learn Ya Durn ya”
  • “The Yodelin’ Teacher” by Goebel Reeves (The Texas Drifter) from “American Yodeling 1911-1946”
  • “The Foggy Mountain Top” by The Carter Family from “1927 – 1934”
  • “Beautiful Morning Glory” by Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle with Chet Atkins from “1949”