The Shakey Shuffle

Las Vegas Grind – A selection from the series of compliation albums featuring the sax infused exotica, the rock-n-roll stompers, the sleazy grindin’ and gritty jazz of the 50’s and 60’s cheap stripjoints.

Fusing everything from swing, jazz, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, surf, exotica and soul, these are obscure, swingin’ instrumental gems from the 50s and 60s.
Sleazy and Cheesy, Camp but Cool!

  1. The Sounds – Shufflin’
  2. The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums-A-Go-Go
  3. Ronnie & The Rainbows – Loose Ends
  4. The Four Instants – Bogatini
  5. Jimmy Oliver – The Sneak
  6. The Playboys – Charge It
  7. The Rhythm Kings – Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
  8. The Swingers – Night Walk
  9. Bob & Dor – The Beat Generation
  10. Bobby Summers – Pad
  11. Bud Grippah – Hold It
  12. Lonnie Brooks – The Train
  13. Omar Kay – Turkish Coffee
  14. The Sheiks – Baghdad Rock
  15. Ray Gee & His Orchestra – The Slouch
  16. Roger & The Gypsies – Pass The Hatchet
  17. The Fabulous Continentals – Breakin’ Up
  18. The Singing Dogs – Rock & Roll
  19. The Towers – The Sneak
  20. Unknown – Louie Overseas a Studio Session
  21. Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows – How About It part 1
  22. Cozy Cole – Bad
  23. Edgar Allen & The Po’ Boys – Panic Button
  24. Freddy Scott & The 4 Steps – Same Ole Beat


Wasn't directly involved with RadioActive first time-round in Dublin, but have worked with many of the DJs on other stations over the years. Now living in The Basque Country, my show, The Shabby Shuffle will sometimes feature invited friends to bring along a few records and we'll chew the fat for an hour in English or Spanish.