These Gigantic Riffs Totally Rock 21st November

This week’s show is all about the rock (and this Sunday’s gig) with distortion pedals and guitars coming from every direction.  First up its Queens of the Stone Age who played on Sunday in the O2 to a much bigger crowd than they drew when they released this classic.  Then it’s on big guitar music with Harvester, Monster Magnet, The Fireballs of Freedom, KARP, Melvins,  Red Fang, Drunk Horse, Annihilation Time and ZekeElectric Eel Shock are next to prove that Rock and Roll can rescue the world, before Boris comes on to destroy it again.  Next its another nod to Sunday’s gig with Dublin’s own Wild Rocket who are followed by a wigout from Ty Segall’s FUZZShellac get a bit of air time as a result of playing another gig that I missed in Dublin this week and then its Canadian guitar giants Fucked Up with a 6 minute hardcore opus.  Sunday’s gig should be great.  Deadly bands, lovely craft beer, sound heads and the scientific fact that pints taste better on a Sunday. Head down early and get your rock on!