This Show Rocks Number Seis 1st November


If you are familiar with my MO, you may have heard these songs before, hell you may have even heard the whole damn show before (with a few bits and bobs changed around to make this one relevant to this time and place).  That doesn’t mean that this show rocks any less , that your speakers deserve any kind of reprieve or that you should refrain from dancing around the sitting room like you are trying to cut a hole in the rug with the sharpness of your moves.   The speakers must be punished.  Punished with tunes that rock so hard that you may, for a moment, worry that you have found the new brown sound.  This weeks show includes- in this exact order –






The Freeze


Zulu as Cono


The Jesus Lizard


The Amps


Test Patterns


The Demonics


Hot Snakes,


Jay Reatard


Mikal Cronin


Generation X,




The Dogs


Lechourus Gaze




the Boys


The Authorities


Really Red


Hex Dispensers


The Oblivians


and finally a stone cold fucking classic from Iggy Pop.