This Show Rocks Numero Dos

This Show Rocks totally rocks.  This week we are back for another dose of kick ass tune-age.  While I am way too lazy to stick up a proper playlist with all the info (that’s what the internuts is for!) here is a rundown of what’s on the show.  The Damned, The Ramones, OFF!, Deep Sleep, Venereans, Magic Jake and the Power Crystals,  The Hellacopters, Pangea, Audacity, The Beat, The Jam,  The Toy Dolls,  The Lurkers,  The Sedatives,  The Red Dons, Jacquzzi Boys, Dark Horse and the Carousels,  Fugazi, Love City, Pincher Martin, The Mean Jeans and finally The Hives.

Tune in, turn it up and rock out!!!!