This Show Totally Rocks 102 25th September


This week’s show started off weird with Von LMO and Le Shok and then got weirder when I got to the end and realised the mic hadn’t recorded any of the vocal links.  So tonight’s vocal links are brought to you by a combination of lack of sleep and the fermentation of sugars.  Things stay pretty weird with The Spits and The Testors before we launch into

The Wipers,

Hex Dispensers,

Something Fierce,

The Marked Men,

The High Tension Wires,

The Steve Adamyk Band,

The Red Dons,

The Briefs,

The Sharp Objects,

The Sedatives,

The Solar Flares,

The Stooges,

The Carbonas,

The Hatepinks,


The Pixies,

The Humpers  

Dinosaur Jr. 

Wrapping things up its one of my favourite songs of all time from The Dogs

I failed to mention which albums a few songs were off of so if you want more info, click on the bands.

As always, Tune in, Rock out