This Weekend is Gonna Totally Rock 26th February


This week’s show is all about the fact that I am lucky enough to be playing two shit hot gigs this weekend.  So the show kicks off with a blow by blow of the first gig which is tomorrow (Friday 27th Feburary) in Tenterhooks.  So we have  the objectorZ, Disguise,  The Detergents  and Dry Heaves

Then its on to a bunch more hardcore and hardcore-ish bands with the like of  The StupidsNew GodsThe Brutal KnightsThe RegulationsThe Shitty LimitsCareer SuicideThe Zero BoysAC4Really RedThe HumpersThe Venereans and  Teen Crud Combo.


My second gig of the weekend is The Shake Your GuinASS Fest in The Thomas House on Saturday so the second half of the show kicks of with a bit of Turbonegro and then its on to  The DubtonesZekePuffballFleshiesElectric FrankensteinThe HellacoptersGlucifer and finally one from Galway hearthrobs Harvester.

As always most bands are linked to bandcamp pages or websites where you can stream and or buy the music played on the show.

It’s a great weekend for gigs, hope to see everyone out enjoying themselves as much as I plan to.  I can’t wait!