This Show Totally Rocks 55 10th October


This week’s show is as all over the shop and as topical as ever.  First up its Totally Rocks regulars FIDLAR who announced this week they are opening for the next band on the show, Pixies, on a short North American tour.  Next its Hot Snakes, Obits and FugaziThe Night Birds are next because they have a new album out and are touring with a reformed Zero Boys, who coincidentally are next.  The Briefs, The Angry Angles, FM Bats, The Dirtbombs and the Solar Flares follow and demonstrate a number of different ways to get your dance on.  I have been listening to the next band fairly non-stop for the last week so Fuzz get another tune in again and then it’s a lo-fi rumbler from Charlie and the Moonhearts.  A trio of women fronted local bands follow with The Pulpit, Hunk and Fag Enablerz (alhtough the Fagz track only includes the lads singing).  Next up it’s a brand spanking new one from this week’s brand new Mind Spiders album and then a brand new one from Diarrhea Planet.  Closing things out is an un-remastered Nirvana track from In Utero which has recently turned 20  and been re-mastered and re-issued (for a hefty price) and then finally a track from its producer’, Steve Albini’s band Shellac.  Alright, that’s your lot.  Turn it up, rock out.