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    This article was written on 13 Jun 2018, and is filled under 1920s, 1930s, Christmas, Classical, Eclectic, European, Folk, French, Jazz, Latin, Poetry, Spoken Word.

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    Come on down to Crackleton Manor!!!

    Another fantastic edition of Crackleton Manor, bursting with pre-1951 recordings. (1909-1949)

    Photo: Wade Mainer – It’s his birthday today!!!



    • “Pegurinade”(excerpt) by Les Frères Colombo Du Bal Tabarin & Leur Orchestre from “Café Parisien – Chansons, Accordeons, Croissants – 25 Original French Accordion Songs”
    • “Makin’ Whoopee” by Art Tatum from “The Complete Capitol Recordings of Art Tatum”
    •  “Chinita” by Alfredo Pelaia from “Before The Tango – Argentina’s Folk Tradition”
    • “(Ghazal) Tum Ek Bosa Karo Enayat” by Bai Sunderabai from “Vintage 78 RPM Records”
    • “This Love Is Not For Me (得不到的爱情)” by  Yao Lee (姚莉) from “Shanghai Lounge Divas”
    • “A Rovin'” by Leonard Warren from “Sea Shanties – Kipling Songs – Songs For Everyone”
    • “Billy Grimes The Rover” by The Shelor Family from “The Bristol Sessions”
    • “Fausto y su Ford” by Grupo Antillano from “Lamento Borincano – Puerto Rican Lament – Early Puerto Rican Music: 1916-1939”
    • “I Like You” by by Sol Hoopii and his Novelty Quartette from “Classic Hawaiian Steel Guitar Performances 1933-34”
    • “Maple On The Hill” by J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers from “J.E. Mainer – The Early Years – 1935-1939”
    • “Back Up and Push” by Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys from “All The Classic Releases 1937-1949“
    • “Lonesome Valley” by The Carter Family from “The Carter Family – Volume 2 – 1935-1941”
    • “Back To Mexico” by The Carolina Tar Heels from “Mountain Frolic – Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-1937”
    • “Les Femmes d’Amerique” by Danny Stuart from “It’s Hotter In Hawaii”
    • “Las Tuaracitas (Cacharpari y Cachua)” by Conjunto Musical San Gerónimo de Tunán from “Early Recordings of Peruvian Music: 1911-1930”
    • “La Sangre Me Llama (The Blood Summons Me)” by Sexteto Occidente from “Sextetos Cubanos – Sones Vol.II – Original recordings from 1926-1928”
    • “Point Cumana” by The Tiger with Gerald Clark And His Caribbean Serenaders from “Calypso Carnival 1936-1941”
    • “Answer To Maple On The Hill” by The Dixon Brothers from “Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus, Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree”
    • “A Rolling Along” by Buell Kazee from “Mountain Frolic – Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-1937”
    • “Safety Mama” by Bessie Smith from “Bessie Smith -The Complete Recordings – Vol. 5 – The Final Chapter”
    • “That’s My Home” by Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra from “I’ve Got The World On A String – original recordings 1930-1933”
    • “The Boston Burglar” by Frank Hutchison from “Worried Blues”
    • “Dry Bones” by Bascom Lamar Lunsford from “Anthology Of American Folk Music – Edited By Harry Smith”
    • “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” by Burl Ives from “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”
    • “You Got To Cross Jordan” by by Rev. J. M. Gates from “Rev. J. M. Gates – Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order – VOLUME 4 – December 1926”
    • “Ezekiel Saw The Wheel” by Woody Guthrie from “Pastures Of Plenty”
    • “Will Sweethearts Know Each Other There?” by Dock Boggs from “Country Blues – Complete Early Recordings (1927-1929)”
    • “May” by W.H. Auden from “The Spoken Word”
    • “Zasviri Bozhil s kavala (Bozhil began to play his kaval)” by Gudi Gunev with the Ramadan Lolov Orchestra from “Song Of The Crooked Dance – Early Bulgarian Traditional Music 1927-42″
    • “Siga Miga (karsilamas)” by by Olga Douli from “Remetika 7 – Women of Rembetika 1908-1947”
    • “Alexandhrianí Felácha” by Roza Eskenazi from “Rembétissa 1933-1936”
    • “Galata Manes” by Rita Abadzi from “Remetika 7 – Women of Rembetika 1908-1947”
    • “Smyrneikos Balos” by Marika Papagika from “Greek Popular and Rebetic music in New York 1918 – 1929”
    • “Traindafillia” by Mme. Koula from “Remetika 7 – Women of Rembetika 1908-1947”
    • “Allegro moderato from Dvořák’s Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104” (excerpt) by Pablo Casals with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra cond. by George Szell from “Dvořák/Brahms – Cello Concerto/Double Concerto”

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