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    Crackleton Manor is for the birds

    Sir Ernest Crackleton looks forward to International Dawn Chorus Day next Sunday with a selection of bird-related recordings from 1914-1950.



    • “Jitterbug Waltz”(excerpt) by Fats Waller and His Rhythm from “RCA – Original Masters – The Best of Fats Waller”
    • “Kozaczka Szumka” by Theodore J. Swystun from “Ukrainian Village Music – Historic Recordings 1928-1933”
    • “Pigeon Walk” by Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra from “Rhythm Is Our Business”
    • “Rooster” by The Ravens from “Their Complete National Recordings 1947-1950”
    • “The Flying Crow Blues’’ by Black Ivory King from “Shakin’ That Thing – The Essential Recordings of Boogie Woogie Stomp”
    • “El Cant dels Ocelles (The Song of the Birds)” by Pablo Casals & The Prades Festival Orchestra from “Song of the Birds – encores for cello”
    • “Medley of Old Time Fiddling Reels: Bonnie Kate / Swallow’s Tail / Molly Brannigan” by K. Scanlon from “Irish Dance Music”
    • “In A Monastery Garden” by Ronnie Ronalde from “EMI Presents the Magic of…”
    • “Ghanna al-rabi (Spring Sung in Birds’ Language)” by Umm Kulthum from “The Legend – Oum Kalsoum – The Arab World’s Greatest Singer”
    • “The Nightingale” by Wanda Landowska from “Treasury of Harpsichord/Dances of Ancient Poland -1946-1951”
    • “Curik Ngaras (Stralings Kissing)” by Gamelan Gong Kebyar of Belaluan, Denpasar from “Bali 1928 – Gamelan Gong Kebyar – Belaluan – Pangkung – Busungbiu”
    • “Alexander The Swoose” by Kay Kyser & his Orchestra from “The Kollege of Musical Knowledge”
    • “In A Monastery Garden” by Lennington H. Shewell from “thereminvox.com“
    • “The Duck’s Yas Yas” by Jack O’Diamonds from “Paramount Masters”
    • “We Shall Be Free” by Woody Guthrie wirh Leadbelly & Sonny Terry from “Pastures of Plenty”
    • “Sing, Sing, Birds On The Wing” by John McCormack from “The McCormack Edition, Vol. 6: The Acoustic Recordings (1915-1916)”
    • “Where the Whippoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight” by Charlie Poole from “Charlie Poole with The North Carolina Ramblers And The Highlanders”
    • “Ruzia Kaczky Zahaniala (Ruzia Drove The Ducks…)” by Josef Pizio from “Ukrainian Village Music – Historic Recordings 1928-1933”
    • “Skylark” by The Erroll Garner Trio from “Standards – Original 1945-1949 Recordings”
    • “Coo Coo Bird” by Clarence Ashley from “Greenback Dollar”
    • “Ostrich Walk” by Frankie Trumbauer Orchestra from “Bix Beiderbecke – Krazy Kat”
    • “Forty Fousand Frushes” by Florrie Forde from “The Old Bull & Bush”
    • “The Old Gray Goose” by The Carolina Tar Heels from “Mountain Frolic – Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-1937”
    • “Eagles on a Half” by Geechie Wiley from “Paramount Masters”
    • “Dúlamán na Binne Buidhe” by Néillidh Boyle from “A Feeling In The Blood”
    • “Cuckoo in the Clock” by Kay Kyser & his Orchestra from “The Kollege of Musical Knowledge”
    • “King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O” by Chubby Parker from “Anthology Of American Folk Music – Edited By Harry Smith”
    • “Memphis Blues, or Mister Crump” by Prince’s Band from “Cakewalks, Rags & Blues – Military Style”
    • “Trygona (Turtle dove)” by Hristos Kryiakis from “Blowers From The Balkans: Classic Historic Recordings Of Wind Instruments”
    • ‘Kokoleo-Ko’ by The Greenwood Singers from “Songs of the African Coast – Café Music of Liberia – Recorded by Arthur S. Alberts”
    • “Pigeon on the Gate” by Hugh Gillespie from “Oldtime Records – Vol. 1 U.S. Recordings”
    • “Eagle Beak” by The Raymond Scott Orchestra from “Toonerville Trolley 1940-1944”
    • “Ja Thoshte Bybyli (Said The Nightingale)” by Riza Bylbyli from “Don’t Trust Your Neighbors – Early Albanian Traditional Songs & Improvisations, 1920s-1930s”
    • “Birdsong at Eventide” by Richard Tauber from “The Voice of Romance – 25 Golden Memories”
    • “The Mountain Lark” by Michael Grogan  from “Past Masters of Irish Dance Music”

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