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    This article was written on 20 Jul 2018, and is filled under 1920s, 1930s, Blues, Dance, Eclectic, European, Exotica, Folk, French, Indian, Jazz, Latin, Spanish, Swing, Western.

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    Post-Eurovision Song Contest 2013 at Crackleton Manor

    Cheer up, Ireland… with this fab selection of 1917-1950 sound reproductions from the Eurozone and beyond, including several featuring New Orleans jazz pioneers Sidney Bechet & Zutty Singleton whose birthdays were both during the week…



    • “The Stars and Stripes Forever”(excerpt) by Sousa’a Band from “Under The Double Eagle – The Marches of John Philip Sousa”
    • “Y’a D’la Joie” by Charles Trenet from “Chantons Français 1934-1936”
    • “High as a Georgia Pine” by Roosevelt Sykes from “Nasty But It’s Clean”
    • “We’ve Been a Long Time Gone” by George Formby from “With My Little Ukulele In My Hand”
    • “Crazy Words, Crazy Tune” by Dick Robertson and a piano from “Silly Songs”
    • “I’m A Little Blackbird” by Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams’ Blues Five from “Sidney Bechet – Ken Burns Jazz”
    • “Neapolitan Mazurka” by The DePace Brothers from “L’Appuntamento – Italian Folksongs, Mazurkas, Polkas and Waltzes Played by the Great Mandolinists (1913-1928) Volume One”
    • “Valse Bleu” by Hawaiian Trio from “It’s Hotter In Hawaii”
    • “Bill Was A Texas Lad” by J.D. Farley from “When I Was A Cowboy – Vol.1”
    • “Low Down Dog” by Big Joe Turner and Pete Johnson from “From Spirituals to Swing – The Legendary 1938 & 1939 Carnegie Hall Concerts – Produced by John Hammond”
    • “I Had a Dream” by John Lee Hooker from “The Classic Early Years 1948 – 1951”
    • “Glow Worm” by The Three Suns from “1949 – 1956”
    • “Aicha’s Theme” by Korla Pandit from “The Grand Moghul Suite”
    • “Sugar Foot Strut” by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five from “Original Masters – The Best Of…”
    • “Side By Side” by Lee Morse from “A Musical Portrait”
    • “T’Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)” by Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra from “Rhythm Is Our Business”
    • “Fireworks” by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five from “Original Masters – The Best Of…”
    • “Kraj Vardara” by Paja B. Šantić With Tamburitza from “Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music from The Balkans To America 1910-1950”
    • “Sedam Sati Bije” by Milan Verni’s Tamburitza Orchestra from “Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music from The Balkans To America 1910-1950”
    • “Four O’Clock Blues” by Skip James from “Legends of the Country Blues”
    • “Syncopated Clock Mambo” by Pérez Prado from “¡Primal!“
    • “One O’Clock Jump” by Count Basie and his Orchestra from “From Spirituals To Swing”
    • “Characteristic Blues” by Noble Sissle’s Swingsters from “Sidney Bechet – Ken Burns Jazz”
    • “I Can Tell You The Time” by The Stanley Brothers from “Echoes of Clinch Mountain”
    • “Groung” by Zabelle Panosian from “To What Strange Place – The Music Of The Ottoman-American Diaspora – 1916-1929”
    • “Look, Looky Yonder, Black Betty” by Lead-Belly from “Blues Café Presents”
    • “Kansas City Man Blues” by Clarence Williams’ Blues Five from “The Complete 1923-1926 Sessions – Volume 1”
    • “Hui, Jo, Jo, Jo!” by Atahualpa Yupanqui from “Piedra y Camino – 1936-1947”
    • “M’ Eblexes Vre Poniri” by M. Vamvakaris & Str. Payoumidizis from “Rembetika 2 – More of the Secret History of Greece’s Underground Music”
    • ”Koróidho Adhika Yirnás” by Roza Eskenazi from “Rembetissa 1933-1936”
    • ”Karadouzeni” by Markos Vamvakaris from “Bouzouki Pioneer 1932-1940”
    • “Ta Oula Sou” by Kos & Ka. Papagika from “Remetika 7 – Women of Rembetika 1908-1947”
    • “Me Liker Ke Me Sampania” by D. Perdhikópoulos from “Rembetika 3 – Vasillis Tsitsanis 1936-1940”
    • “Ta Pandremenadhika” Daizy Stavropoúlou & Vassilis Tsitsánis from “Rembetika 3 – Vasillis Tsitsanis 1936-1940”
    • “Tendai – Shû: Taiyô” by Nakayama Gen’yû from “Japanese Traditional Music – Gagaku – Buddhist Chant – Kokusai Bunka Shinokai 1941”
    • “Basant Khyal – Phagava brija dekhana ko chalori” by Abdul Karim Khan from “Khansahib Abdul Kaim Khan”
    • “Chant In The Night” by Sidney Bechet and his Orchestra from “Sidney Bechet – Ken Burns Jazz”

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