Rebel Radio #10

Rebel Radio # 10

The Usual Suspects – Against All Odds

Skint – Blinded By Hatred

Piss On Authority – Scapegoat

The Blaggers – House Of The Fascist Scum

The Abused – Loud And Clear

Chaos UK – Loser

Yilvallan Orjat – Hyvinvointivaltio

Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Student Wankers

Atilla The Stockbroker – Just One Life

Bomb Disneyland – Faster Bastard

Decoy 47 – Vision From Above

The Freebooters – Parish Priest

The Dubtones – Rabid Dog

Inner Terrestrials – Off With Their Heads

Sensa Yuma – Dreaming Of A New World

The Oppressed – I Dont Wanna

Ram Man – Indifferent

Poundaflesh – Big Brother & Shut The Fuck Up

Oxymoron – Bored And Violent

Section 4 – Fuck You (BRAND NEW UNRELEASED TRACK!!!)

Dirty Field Whores – Cameron I Would Call You A Cunt