Rebel Radio #13

Burnt Cross – Freedom Of Speech

Argy Bargy – Its My Life

The Pride – War Games

The Adicts – Just Like Me

The Nags – You Make Me Sick

Funeral Dress – Im In Love With Oi!

Crass – Systematic Death

Rose Of Victory – Suffragette City

Dead Katss – Fun Wars

Broken – Wage Slave

Dead Kennedys – Insight

Happy Spastics – Fuck The Police

Cryogenics – Americas War

Serious Drinking – Hes An Angry Bastard (But I Like Him)

Critikill – Burn It

Marching Orders – Nihilistic

Case – Oh!

Reaganstein – Blood Empires

Crux – I’ll Die With My Boots On

No Choice – Big Boots

Picture Frame Seduction – Break Ya Chains

Madness – My Girl 2

The Selecter – Big In The Body – Small In The Mind