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  • That Jay Reatard Totally Rocks 15th January


    Tuesday was the 5 year anniversary of the death of one of my musical heroes, Jay Reatard.  When I discovered Jay, I discovered a musician who seemed to nearly breath music at the expense of everything else and I found someone with a dedication to making music that I truly admired.  So this week’s show is completely Reatarded.  The first half of the show is chronological, starting with his first band The Reatards and finishing with his final album as Jay Reatard.  The second half of the show is all bands that had some connection to Jay Reatard in one way or another.

    Jay Reatard – Oh, It’s Such a Shame

    The Reatards

    The Reatards

    The Lost Sounds

    The Lost Sounds

    Bad Times

    The Final Solutions

    Nervous Patterns

    Angry Angles

    Destruction Unit

    Terror Visions

    Jay Reatard – Blood Visions

    Jay Reatard – In the Dark

    Jay Reatard – Screaming Hand

    Jay Reatard – Rotten Mind


    The Barbaras

    Cola Freaks

    The Brutal Knights

    The Hex Dispensers

    Earthmen and Strangers

    Tokyo Electron

    The Boston Chinks

    The Exploding Hearts

    The Oblivians

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    If you missed him in Dublin check out most of the set here

    Tune in, Rock out!!


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