Rebel Radio #11

Bus Station Loonies – Cool Britannia Uber Alles

Paranoid Visions – Outsider Artist (FEATURING TV SMITH)

The Lurkers – Aint Got A Clue

Abortion Squad – No Authority, No Rules

Fear – I Love Living In The City

ACAB – Streets Of Uptown

Jerrys Kids – Straight Jacket

The Actives – Kick It Down

The Bips – Never Understand

The Freeze – Violent Arrest

Broken Bones – Annihilation Number 3

Lunatic Fringe – Mailorder Rebels

Capo Regime – Underdog

Holy Racket – Rat In The Pack

Coitus – Real Cold Fear

Major Accident – Crazy

Crashed Out – Fat Punks Dont Pogo

Operation Ivy – Hoboken

Defcon Zero – Retaliation

The Voids – My Rules

Generation X – One Hundred Punks

Ciaran Murphy – When I Get Out