That Reatard Totally Rocked


In honour of this week’s ten year anniversary of the release of Jay Reatard’s debut/master work Blood Visions, this show is completely Reatarded.  Tune in for a Jay Lindsay/Reatard retrospective, followed by songs he produced, mixed, mastered, played the guitar solo on, etc., and then a few bands with people he was in bands with.  Turn it up for:

Jay Reatard

The Reatards

Destruction Unit

Bad Times

Terror Visions

Nervous Patterns

Final Solutions

Lost Sounds x2,

Angry Angles

Jay Reatard x3

Boston Chinks

The Barbaras

Brimstone Howl

Demon’s Claws

Tokyo Electron

The Hex Dispensers

Cola Freaks

Brutal Knights



Turn it up, rock out!!!!