This Continental Punk Show Totally Rocks

continental punk show

New Week, New Show, Back on the Rock, Let’s Go!

I am back from my holidays in what should have been a sunny Portugal (it pissed rain!!) and so this week’s show  is all European punk and garage punk bands.   The first half hour is strictly Iberian with a bit of a road trip around the continent in the second half.  Tune in for:


La Polla Records

Concentration Summer Camps

The Fucked Frikis


Los Platanos

Los Steaks

Mano de Mono


Futuro Terror

Las Nurses

Sonido Aflredo


Frontalni Udar

Titos Bojs

Smart Cops

La Piovra

Dean Dirg

Le Hatepinks

Henry Fiat’s Open Sore



Sonic Chicken 4


No Hope for the Kids

If Lucy Fell

That’s your lot.  If you liked any of the bands from Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden or Denmark click on the links.  There are loads of great bandcamp pages links with loads of tunes to stream, buy, download for free.

Tune in, rock out, go on The Continent