This Show Totally Rocks 124 19th February


New show, New Week, No theme, just tunes.  This week I saw a few posts around the internuts about Honningbarna and their yearly gigs in Dublin so they kick things off.  That made me think of European punk rockers so next up its Germany’s Dean Dirg, France’s Le Hatepinks and Holland’s Rush-N-Attack.  Then it’s back to America for Hot Snakes, Mission of Burma, Ex-Cult, Matt K Shrugg and Growlers.  Next up it’s a Alex Curevo double header with a track from his solo EP followed by a track by the Hex Dispensers.  Things chug along with The Mind Spiders, Missing Monuments, California X, Diarrhea Planet, Jeff the Brotherhood, Faith No More, Fleshies and CIV.  We get a quick stop in Dublin with some Fag Enablerz and then rounding off the proceedings its FIDLAR, GOD and Magic Jake and the Power Crystals.

Tune in, Rock out and then tune in again next week.