Whatever You’re Havin’ #73 – Paddys on Parade

first time away/the wagoners lad - cian nugent
all that you can do is love, the rest is out of your hands - dacianos
what's required of a person - the dinah brand
pack of lies - fatima mansions
the brutal here and now (part 1) - the spook of the thirteenth lock
two beoirs - gummidge
everyone does everything wrong II - the dudley corporation
live your days in dreams - tin charm
wake up with the sun behind you (the last sound remix) - decal
where ever it takes me (anodyne remix) - decal
corrosion - anodyne
i am larry clark - drainland
fire at will - blazin' 38s
toughen up - female hercules
ain't no fool - the revellions
so uptight - the urges
braniac - the golden horde
true confessions - the undertones
i wish i was lonely - the #1s
mania - hot colossus