Rebel Radio #8

Rebel Radio #8

Anti Heros – Murder One

The Goddamn Gallows – Ragz N Bones

Contempt – What Kind Of World

Ultraviolent – Where Angels Dare Not Thread

External Menace – Rude Awakening

Brat Pack – Xenophobe

Pressure Point – Rise Up

Total Bloody Chaos – Braindead

Burnt Cross – Hate Of The Holy

Chaos UK – Midas Touch

Dead Mans Shadow – Bombscare

Red Rockers – Guns Of Revolution

The Drones – Bone Idol

Argy Bargy – Saturdays Glory

Chron Gen – Lies

The Partisans – Power And Greed

Wasted Life – Why Me

Riot/Clone – Intellicide

Crass – Do They Owe Us A Living?

Addictive Philosophy – Telly

Avoid – Shellshock

Criminal Sex – Steal Ya Car

Shane Mac Gowan – Plaistow Patricia