Green Noise, Dirtnap and House of Records Totally Rock 13th February

Green Noise Records is an absolutely amazing record shop and it was this day last week that I found myself unexpectedly back inside its doors.  So this week I am playing stuff that I have bought there in my last 3 or 4 trips to the shop.  Green Noise is owned by the same gentleman that owns Dirtnap Records so there is lots of Dirtnap stuff on the show this week as well.  So here we go with The Briefs, Radioactivity, Low Culture,   The Sedatives,   Mean Jeans, The Ergs, The Marked Men, The Exploding Hearts, Bad Sports , High Tension Wires, Sonic Avenues, Steve Adamyk Band, Autistic Youth and Something Fierce.  The first time I was in the shop Ken bought a few Moutpiece records off of me and unfortunately for him, they are still in the shop.  Last week I also made it to House of Records in Eugene, which has been going since 1972, and I picked up the FUZZ album and 7”s from The Jesus Lizard and Big Black.  Breaking with the theme we have a (possibly) exclusive track from the new Revellions album which is being launched next Friday 21st in the Grand Social, then its back to another couple of Green Noise purchases from Reigning Sound and The Red Dons to round things off.  If you like what I’ve played tonight, go to the bandcamp page and get it.  If you love the feel of vinyl like I do, make a pilgrimmage to the shop.  If you are in Europe and want the vinyl, check out P.Trash.

As always the links will take you to pages where you can purchase and/stream the tunes played here.

Check it out, turn it up, apologise to the neighbours later.