These Irish Bands Also Totally Rock 5th June

Last week’s all Irish show was so popular and work on Studio F has been so intensive that it’s another Throwback Thursday edition here on the show (the gigs mentioned in the show have already happened (and were deadly!).  Once again this show is all Irish and once again this is not the first time it has aired.  Tune in for


Pink Turds in Space,


The Lee Harveys,

Ghost Trap,

Fuck Mountain,

The #1’s,

The Cheap Freaks,

The Revellions,

Fag Enablerz,

No Spill Blood,




Realistic Train,

Wizards of Firetop Mountain,

The Freebooters,

Running Riot

Kidd Blunt.

Tune in, turn it up, support the scene, brand new show next week.

Pic of Skinny by Janer